Testing Facilities

Testing Facilities For Composite Polymer Insulator

  • Thermo-Mechanical Chamber
  • UV & Weathering Testing Facility
  • UTM(20 Tons Capacity)
  • Conditioning Chamber
  • Non Destructive Testing facility(NDT)
  • Acquisition system for Detection of FRP rod crack
  • Rheometer for Rubber Rheology
  • Tracking & Erosion Testing Facility
  • Up to 250 KV AC High Voltage testing Facility

Testing Facilities For Rubber & Plastic Molded Components

  • 4-Axis Static/Endurance Testing Machine(30 Tons)
  • Hardness Tester (Shore A & Shore D)
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Specific Gravity Testing Equipment
  • Muffle Furnace For Ash Content Test
  • Computerized Universal Testing Machine(UTM)
  • Single Pan Balances/ Digital Weighing Machines
  • Digital Ageing Ovens With Graph Facility
  • Rheometer for Rubber Rheology
  • Million Megaohm Meter

Testing Facilities For Forging And Casting Components

  • Chemical Analysis by Wet & Spectrometer
  • Brinell Hardness Tester
  • UTM Machine (Capacity 20T)
  • Examination of Micro Structure by Image Analyzer
  • Fully Equipped Green Sand Testing Facility
  • Decarbonization Test Facility
  • Crack Detector Machine
  • Toe load test
  • Magnetic Particle Detector Test