Power Transmission

We are a Manufacturer and Supplier of Silicon Composite Polymer Long Rod Insulators for Transmission Lines up to 400 kV Rating

Power Distribution

We are an Approved Manufacturer and Supplier of 11 kV to 33 kV Composite Polymer Insulators from Various State Electricity Boards / DISCOMs and EPC / Turnkey Contractors.

25kV Composite Polymer Insulators for Railway Traction

We are an RDSO Approved Manufacturer and Supplier of 25 kV Composite Polymer Insulators in 1050 mm / 1600 mm CD for Railway Traction / DMRC (Metro Rail)

Railway Track Fastening Components

We are an RDSO Approved Manufacturer and Supplier of Railway Track Fittings i.e. GFN-66 Insulating Linears, CGRSP / GRSP Rubber Pads, Elastic Rail Clips and SGCI Inserts for BG Sleepers & Wider Gauge Sleepers

Foundry Division (Casting & Forging Components)

We are an RDSO Approved ‘A’ Class Foundry, Manufacturing and Suppling Various Types of  SGCI/CI Components for Indian Railway’s, Electricity Board’s and Automobile Industry.

Railway Coaches & Wagon Components

We are an Approved Vendor From RDSO / RCF / MCF / ICF for the Manufacture and Supply of Rubber to Metal Bonded Components, Plastic and Casting Components for Railway Coaches (LHB), and Wagons


Manufacturer & Supplier of Composite Polymer Insulators, Rubber to Metal Bonded Components, Plastic & Rubber Components, Forging And Casting Products

M/s Adinath Industries is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Vendor of Indian Railways; registered with Research Design & Standard Organization (RDSO) Lucknow, India for Manufacturing of High-Quality Rubber, Plastic, Casting & Forging Components for Railway Track Fastening System. Also Approved for Coaches & Wagon Components, 25 kV OHE Composite Polymer Insulators for Railway and Metro Rail Traction System. Our Product Range includes 11 kV to 400 kV Composite Polymer Insulators for Transmission & Distribution Lines. We are Approved With Various State Electricity Boards, EPC / Turnkey Contractors, Defence & Ordnance Factories, Oil PSU Companies, and other Reputed Companies in the field of Automobile, Electrical & Railway Sectors.

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Power Transmission

In telecommunications, a transmission system is a system that transmits a signal from one place to another.

Power Distribution

The part of the power system that distributes electric power for local use is called as distribution system.

Railway Traction

Traction current lines are used to power the railway systems of countries which use alternating current

Railway Track Fastening Components

A vast range of Rail Track Fittings is available with us including GFN liner / MS liner, mounting supporting bolts,

Casting Components

foundry is a factory that produces  Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal

Railways Coaches & Wagon Components

These are general parts that make up the Freight Train Wagons. 


Quality Focused Organization Committed towards providing High Grade Products.

Production Facilities

Plastic Injection Molding, Rubber Injection Molding, Pultrution Machine, Foundry Facility, Forging Facility, Crimping, Tool Room under one roof.

Testing Facilities

RDSO Approved Well Equipped Testing laboratories for Plastic, Rubber, Casting, Forging Components, and Electrical OHE Insulators.

Approvals & Certification

Our Products are ISO Certified and Approved by Various Agencies and Government Organisations viz. RDSO, DMRC, Railways, DFCCIL, Coach Factories, DISCOMS, Metro Rails, CPRI, ERDA, etc…

Upcoming Products

25 kV Operating Rod Insulator, 25kV Sectionning Insulator, 25 kV Polymeric Isolator,  Anti Bird Guard, Coaches and Wagon Components

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