Railway Coaches & Wagon Components

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components for Railway Coaches (LHB) and Wagons

Our Rubber Unit is already Approved with RDSO (LKO) for Manufacture & Supply of Rubber Sole Plates used for Track Fastening System in Indian Railways. We have an Installed Capacity of more than 200 Tons on monthly basis of Rubber Compounding. Our Moulding facility includes DESMA Rubber Injection Moulding Machine (up to 400 Tons), Vacuum Compression Machines (Tung-yung Make), Transfer Moulding Presses and Compression Moulding Presses (Capacity 100 T – 400 Tons). 

Products Range

Ball Joint for Traction Lever

Ball Joint Roll Link

Traction Centre Elastic Joint

Rubber Spring

Lateral Bump Stop

Axle Box Pivot Bush

Primary Bum Stop

Modified Elastomeric Pads

Rubber Pad for Longitudinal Bump Stop

Rubber Pad for Primary Suspension

Our Manufacturing Facility:
  • DESMA Make Rubber Injection Moulding Machines 250 – 400 Tons
  • CNC Turning Centres
  • Centreless Grinders
  • Send Blasting / Short Blasting Facility
  • Degreasing Plant
  • In-House Electroplating Facility
  • Dust Free Chemlock Coating Setup
  • Press Shop / Tool Room
  • In-house Rubber Compounding Facility(200 Tons Capacity)
Our Testing Facility:
  • 4-Axis Static / Endurance Testing Machine (30 Tons)
  • Computerized Tensile Testing Machine / Elongation Tester
  • UTM Machine (Capacity 20T)
  • Rheometer
  • Hardness Tester
  • Conditioning Chamber, ageing Oven & Muffle Furnance
  • All Types of Fixtures
  • All Measuring Equipments