Polymer Surge / Lightening Arresters
Lightening / Surge Arrester (LA)
Surge Arrester Application:

A lightning arrestor or Surge Arrestor is a device to protect electrical equipment from over voltage transients caused by External (Lightning) or Internal (Switching) Events.

Construction :
Our lightning arrester are Gapless Metal Oxide type Consist of zinc oxide visitors with superior non linear voltage current characterstics. FRP core / Plastic Core and silicone rubber housing. We are supplying our Surge Arrester with mounting bracket and disconnector as per customer requirements.
What exactly does a lightning Arrestor Do:
Lightning Arrestor never absorb the lightning, it cannot stop the lightning but it can divert lightning to the earth and only protects the equipment that are connected parallel to it. There are two types of surges one comes directly from the atmosphere such as atmospheric lightning. Second type is originated from the electrical system itself such as switching surges.

The typical lightning arrestor has a high voltage terminal and a ground terminal. At normal voltages the MOV (Metal Oxide Varister) disc is an insulator and will not conduct current. But at higher voltages caused by lightning it becomes a conductor and helps to pass the voltage to earth via its ground terminal

Product Specification Table
S.NoProduct RatingArrester RatingCurrent RatingClass of Arrester
111 kv9 kv
5 KADistribution
10 KAClass-I,II,III
222 kv18 kv5 KADistribution
10 KAClass-I,II,III
333 kv30 kv5 KADistribution
10 KAClass-I,II,III