25kV Composite Polymer Railway Insulators

25kV Composite Polymer Railway Insulators

25 kV Composite Polymer Insulators are strictly Manufactured as per RDSO Approved Drawings & Specification No. TI/SPC/OHE/INSCOM/1071 (Rev 01). These Insulators are specially designed for Polluted & Highly Polluted Zones in two different Creepage Distance i.e. 1050 mm & 1600 mm.

We have an installed capacity of more than 2.0 Lacs Nos. Per Annum to Manufacture and Supply  25 kV Composite Insulators with in-house facility to Manufacture our own FRP Pultrusion Rods and SGCI / Forged Metal End Fittings.

We are well equipped with all Modern Manufacturing Facilities & Fully Equipped with In-house testing laboratory to Manufacture Composite Polymer Insulators, managed by Professional Team and Polymer Technologists which ensures High Quality Engineering Solutions to continuously improve the Quality and Production Volumes.

Our Products

25kV 9 Tonne Composite Polymer Insulator

25kV Composite Polymer Stay Arm Insulator 55mm-Tube

25kV Composite Polymer Bracket Insulator 70mm - Tube

25kV Composite Polymer Stay Arm Hook Insulator

25kV Composite Polymer Operating Rod Insulator

25kV Composite Polymer Post Insulator

25kV Composite Polymer Sectioning Insulator

25kV Composite Polymer Stay Arm Hook Insulator

Our 25 kV Composite Polymer Railway Insulator Product Range:
Sr. No.Item NameTube Size (MM)Min. Creepage Distance (MM)Mechanical Load (Kgf)Approval
Composite Bracket Insulators401050 / 16007000RDSO / DFCCIL / DMRC
2Composite Stay Arm Insulators401050 / 16007000
3Composite 9 Tonne Insulators-1050 / 160011000
4Composite Bracket Insulators551050 / 16007000DFCCIL / DMRC
5Composite Bracket Insulators701050 / 16007000
6Composite Post Insulator-16006000RDSO / DMRC
7Composite Operating Rod Insulator-16002500RDSO / DMRC
8Composite Section Insulator-16005000RDSO / DMRC
9Modular Cantilever Insulator5516007000
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