Transmission Line Insulator

  • From 66kV to 400kV we are manufacturing all types of Insulators, Tension/Suspension, and Post Insulators. 
  • We are providing grading rings when system voltages are equivalent of greater than 220kV. 
  • For 220kV Composite Polymer insulator the Grading Ring is provided at the energized end only and for 400kV Grading Rings are provided at both ends of Polymer Insulators. 

66kV Composite Insulator

Product RatingHighest System VoltageProduct typeFitting TypeMechanical Load(kN)Min.Wet power frequency withstand voltage  (kV)Min.Dry lighting impulse withstand voltage, (kVp)Min.Creepage Distance(mm)
66 kV72.5 kVSuspensionB&S Type70/901403502247
66 kV72.5 kVSuspensionT &C Type70/901403502247
66 kV72.5 kVTensionB&S Type120/1601403502247
66 kV72.5 kVTensionT &C Type120/1601403502247

Advantages of Composite Insulators over Conventional Porcelain Insulators :

  • Light weight, Ease of Installation and less transportation charge.
  • Resistance to breakage and vandalism.
  • Unique self-cleaning property, reduced maintenance cost.
  • Hydrophobicity and recovery of hydrophobicity make it suitable for polluted environment and salty atmosphere.
  • Low leakage current in long term ageing.
  • Resistance to puncher due to cutting age technology.
  • Superior UV & weather resistance properties.
  • Sustained hydrophobicity, resulting in lower leakage currents, reduced dry band arcing, and less risk of flashover,
  • Specially formulated high tracking resistance silicone rubber used for sheathing.
  • A higher mechanical strength to weight ratio which enables the construction of longer spans of towers.