Testing Facilities

Our In house testing lab is well equipped with all latest equipment’s to carry out all routine and acceptance tests for composite polymer insulators including all incoming raw materials such as Silicone Rubber, Epoxy Resins, Glass Rovings, FRP rods, End Fittings and Sealants etc as per IEC 61109 and RDSO Sepcifications
  • Tracking & Erosion 
  • Tensile Testing
  • UV Weathering Test
  • Water Immersion Bath
  • Partial Discharge Test
  • Barcoll Hardness Tester
  • Million Mega Ohms Meter
  • Million Volt Drop Test Set
  • Muffle Furnace
  • NDT Machine for Testing Bonding and Thickness of Silicone Rubber
Tracking & ErosionHigh VoltageThermo Mechanical ChamberUV WeatheringTensile Testing