Railway Composite Insulator
RDSO specification No: TI/SPS/OHE/INSCOM/1071

RDSO specification No: TI/SPS/OHE/INSCOM/1071

Product Specification: 

Product RatingFitting TypeMechanical Load(kN)Min.Wet power frequency withstand voltage  (kV)Min.Dry lighting impulse withstand voltage, (kVp)Min.Creepage Distance(mm)
25 kVBracket 70 kN1252401050 / 1060
25 kVStay Arm70 kN1252401050 / 1060 
25 kV9-Tone110 kN1252401050 / 1060

Advantages of Composite Insulators over Conventional Porcelain Insulators : 

  • Light weight, Ease of Installation and less transportation charge.
  • Resistance to breakage and vandalism.
  • Unique self-cleaning property, reduced maintenance cost.
  • Hydrophobicity and recovery of hydrophobicity make it suitable for polluted environment and salty atmosphere.
  • Low leakage current in long term ageing.
  • Resistance to puncher due to cutting age technology.
  • Superior UV & weather resistance properties.
  • Sustained hydrophobicity, resulting in lower leakage currents, reduced dry band arcing, and less risk of flashover,
  • Specially formulated high tracking resistance silicone rubber used for sheathing.
  • A higher mechanical strength to weight ratio which enables the construction of longer spans of towers.