Our composite insulators are design by experienced design team who are engaged for continual improvement of polymer insulator design. Our Composite insulators are design as per relevant IEC: 61109, IEC: 60815 and as per customer requirement.

Core Material:

Core is the most important component of composite insulator which gives the reinforcement of insulator. Core is made from ECR grade high quality glass roving’s impregnated in to hydrolysis resistance carefully formulated Epoxy resin system.



Housing is made from high quality HTV silicone rubber compound. Our special formulated silicone rubber has excellent Anti-tracking properties; hydrophobicity, ability to transfer hydrophobicity on its polluted layer and good process ability make our insulator superior than other. Our aerodynamic sheds design , specials shed angel, creepage factor and profile factor are comply with IEC: 60815

Metal fitting:

We have designed our metal fitting as per IS:  2486 & IEC: 60120 very carefully to reduce electrical discharge(local corona) as much as possible and are made from a quality malleable cast iron or forged steel or Spheroidal Graphite Iron(SGI) under guidance of metallurgical experts. All the metal parts are hot dip galvanized as per IS: 2633/IS: 2629.