Our Drop out expulsion type fuse cut outs are use in distribution system for protection of H. T. lines and transformer centers Tap lines from short circuit, over-load and breaking/Making load current.


Our DO Fuse are manufactured & tested as per IS 9385 and IEC 282-2 respectively.


The channel/solid core Drop out fuse set has single pole construction and outdoor type. Each pole has Polymeric insulators, current carrying parts made of a highly conductive copper alloy and the contact portion is silver plated for corrosion resistance. The fuse tube made of fiber glass and epoxy resin coated with ultraviolet inhibitor on the outer surface and having arc quenching bone fiber liner inside

Type Test: 

Our DO switch has been type tested from CPRI Bangalore as per IS 9385 and IEC 282-2 respectively for the following Tests:

  1. High Voltage Dry & Wet Power Frequency withstand Test.
  2. Lightning Impulse Voltage withstand Test.
  3. Short Time & Peak withstand Current.
  4. Temperature rise Test.
  5. Contact Resistance Test.
  6. Mechanical Endurance Test.

In-house Testing facility: 

we have full face in-house testing facility for DO Fuse. We are doing all the below test on our DO Fuse as per relevant test standard during and after manufacturing daily basis.

  1. Power frequency voltage dry test.
  2. Measurement of resistance of main circuit.
  3. Tests to prove satisfactory operation.
  4. Dimensional Check
  5. Galvanization test.
  6. Temperature Rise test
PARAMETERS 11 kV 22 kV 33 kV
System Voltage 11kV(r.m.s) 22kV(r.m.s) 33kV(r.m.s)
Height System voltage 12kV(r.m.s) 24kV(r.m.s) 36kV(r.m.s)
Rated Current 100/200Amps. 100/200Amps. 100/200Amps.
One minute Power frequency With stand Voltage  to Earth(Min) 28 kV(r.m.s) 50 kV(r.m.s) 70 kV(r.m.s)
One minute Power frequency With stand Voltage  Across the Terminals(Min) 32kV(r.m.s) 60 kV(r.m.s) 80kV(r.m.s)
Impulse Withstand Voltage to Earth(Min) 60 kVp 95 kVp 170 kVp
Impulse Withstand Voltage  Across the Terminals(Min) 75kVp 110 kVp 195kVp
Creepage Distance 320 mm 600 mm 900 mm