The air break switches are three phases gang operated type and use in outdoor only. The Application of this product is to separate the Transformer from distribution network.


Our GOAB Switch are manufactured & tested as per IS 9921 (Part – 4) :1985 and IEC 62271-102 respectively.


Our tilting type A.B. Switch have Two Pole/Triple pole (As per customer request) construction and suitable for Vertical / Horizontal mounting with manual operation mechanism. Each pole consist of galvanized steel/FRP base, Polymeric Post insulators, Self aligning type contacts made of hard drawn electrolytic copper/brass with silver/ tin plated . All the parts accordingly finished to ensure interchangeability of similar components. Flexible tape is of EC grade silver/tin plated copper of appropriate size to complete the current path from moving contact to fix contact. All ferrous parts are hot dip galvanized and non-ferrous parts are heavily tin/silver plated to provide protection against corrosion. Our AB switches consist of one operating Rod, one Phase coupling square rod and operating handle. Switches up to and including 630 Amps. rating is supplied with aluminum connector of 11 mm dia bore. Pad locking in the ON and OFF position may be fitted on request.

Type Test:

Our GOAB switch have been type tested from CPRI Bangalore as per IS 9921 (Part – 4) :1985 and IEC 62271-102 respectively for the following Tests:
1. High Voltage Dry & Wet Power Frequency withstand Test.
2. Lightning Impulse Voltage withstand Test.
3. Short Time & Peak withstand Current.
4. Temperature rise Test.
5. Contact Resistance Test.
6. Mechanical Endurance Test.

In-house Testing facility:

We have full face in-house testing facility for GOAB switch. We are doing all the below test on our GOAB switch as per relevant test standard during and after manufacturing daily basis.
1. Power frequency voltage dry test.
2. Measurement of resistance of main circuit.
3. Tests to prove satisfactory operation.
4. Dimensional Check
5. Galvanization test.
6. Temperature Rise test.