Manufacturing facility:

We are reputed manufacturers of composite polymer insulators in India. We are not only using best raw materials, advance technology, design and machine but also our production team is highly qualified and experienced in their own field. We also arrange monthly training program for our production team to educate about the machine, process, raw materials, final product and new development in order to reduce defects and minimise rejections to achieve best possible quality




Pultrusion is a continuous molding process whereby reinforcing fibers are saturated with a liquid polymer resin and then carefully formed and pulled through a heated die to form a part. We have in house pultrusion process for making FRP rod dia 16 mm to 62 mm for Composite insulator. We are using world class glass roving and epoxy resin system to achieve the specials requirement for composite insulator.


Molding is the critical process for composite insulator .we are using world best Desma rubber injection moulding  machine for making housing on FRP rod. Our both 250 Ton and 400 Ton injection molding machine are highly sopsticated, computerize and have close loop system, which makes it inject rubber in a very control manner which are essential for composite insulator.




 Crimping is the process to fixed metal fitting on FRP rod which transmitted the load from FRP rod to metal fitting. We have fully automated PLC control crimping machines with Germany made crack detection devise to avoid any type of crimping failure. We have also adopted new technology to seal the interfaces between metal fitting and silicone rubber during crimping which will resist to ingress moisture in to the interfaces.